Quilt Prep Tips

Here are a few tips to prepare your quilt top for quilting.
  • Please don't baste or pin layers together. They are loaded separately.
  • Press quilt well, I quilt them as them come. 
  • Clip long threads on the top and the bottom. Threads that poke through to the top will be quilted in to the top or worse catch on my foot! Long threads on the back, especially dark colors under a light color will show through the quilt top and after it's quilted there is no way to get them out. I clip them if I notice them but I can't find them all.
  • Batting and backing both need to be at least 4" longer on all four sides. This may seem wasteful but it is necessary to load the quilt on to the frame. You may bring your own batting or purchase from me.
  • Backing fabric should be "squared" this means that the sides should be parallel and straight. No trapezoids!
  • Backing fabric can be pieced. The best way to piece is to have the seam running horizontally. This way the seam runs the length of the bars and prevents uneven fullness. When piecing the back the selvages should be cut off and pressed open. Selvages on the edges of the backing are fine.