Edge to Edge quilting starting at $0.016 per inch

Custom quilting starting at $0.035 per inch

   To estimate your quilting price:
     Quilt width x length x per inch price = quilting price
     Example, edge to edge quilting for a 80"x90" quilt:
         80 x 90=7200 x 0.016 =$115.20

$50 quilting minimum

Thread is included. A charge may apply for specialty threads (metallic or glow in the dark, etc.) 

Trimming is included and by request.

  • Legacy 80/20 96" wide $7.00 per yard
  • Legacy 70/30 Black 96" wide $8.00 per yard
  • King size batting also available
  • Attach prepared binding, $0.10 per linear inch
  • Make and attach binding, $0.15 per linear inch
  • Make, attach, and machine stitch down, $0.20 per linear inch
  • Make, attach, and hand stitch down, $0.25 per linear inch 
   To estimate your binding cost:
     perimeter x linear inch price=binding price 
     Example, attach binding for a 80"x90" quilt
       80+80+90+90=340 x 0.10= $34

Backing prep, piecing and squaring back, $10 per seam.

Prices subject to change